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Expanded Cab TRUCK

40-20-40 Seats

  • We make it ALL - Frame > Foam > Coverings.
  • Plasma Cut and Jig Welded Parts for Accuracy and Strength.
  • Plate Bolted Recliner Mechanisms Not the weak "Made in China"
    bolt through frame design used by the competition.
  • 4 No-Sag Springs Placed from Front to Back for Full 4 Spring Functionality.
  • All Material Comply with DOT FMVSS 207 Safety Standards per sections S4.2, S4.3.
  • 1 Year Warrantee on All Truck Seats.
  • Shipped Via Fed-X.
Replacement Seats With Top Attachment of Seat Belts Mounted to the Truck's Body.
High back seats not recommended for standard cab trucks. SEE LOW BACK SEATS
Shipping special on 40-20-40 truck seats
Del Ray
40-20-40 Del Rey truck seats
40-20-40 Newport truck seats
40-20-40 Silverado XT truck seats
  The Del Rey is a basic seat without all the frills.
The Newport is the beginning
of a line of sport truck seats
with contouring
The Silverado XT super seat made to fit ALL cabs.
  from $899 from $1099 from $1595
Knight Rider Knight Rider LT Monarch Monarch LT
40-20-40 Knight Rider truck seats
40-20-40 Knight Rider LT truck seats
40-20-40 Monarch truck seats
40-20-40 Moanrch LT truck seats
The Knight Rider are firm
cushioned sport car style
truck seats
Knight Rider LT truck seats are super sport style
with unmatched support.
The Monarch is a firm "move freely" style seat. A good heavy use seat for the "Big Guy".
Monarch LT leather are a "Mercedes feel" style
of truck seats.
from $1319 from $1599 from $1348 from $1628
C10 500 Series Innovator  
40-20-40 C10 truck seats
40-20-40 500 Series truck seats
40-20-40 Innovator truck seats
These C10 seats are a
deluxe truck seats with and headrests.
The 500 Series truck seats
feature luxury styling in these popular truck seats.
These Innovator truck seats designed and super plush seating surfaces and built in headrests.
from $1398 from $1398 from $1667  
Aristocrat Mendocino Empress  
40-20-40 Mendocino LT truck seats
40-20-40 Mendocino LT truck seats
40-20-40 Empress LT truck seats
The Aristocrat truck seats-
ergonomically designed to
correctly support without
sacrificing comfort.
These Mendocino LT leather seats are a deluxe truck seats with headrests
The Empress Lt are the ultimate leather truck seats with the
top-of -the-line cushioning.
from $1475 from $1525 from $1628  
The best price - quality combination available in truck accessories, ford , chevy
dodge , replacement aftermarket , leather , chevy , ford , dodge truck seats